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Quantum Forger is the result of a very wild dream, a lot of perseverance and more than 3000 hours of research and development.
Guilherme Curty has created the most diabolical system ever seen, that will allow you to replicate a signature in another card, coin or bill. At distance.

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Quantum Forger is a wonderful system, a technological application novelty, completely developed by us.
It’s practical and self-contained, and will allow you to duplicate a marker drawing or word on a card, coin or bill, as well as other similar objects, like a post it note or business card.
The system is extremely compact, so you only need to carry a deck of cards, marker and a small third device for it to operate.

Some of its unique features when you create a duplicate are:

  • Using the same ink you wrote the original with.
  • At distance. No contact between the matrix and copy.
  • Self-contained and automatic.
  • No chemicals besides regular marker/pen ink.
  • Easily available refills. Easy recharge.
  • No complex set-ups or usage. Spectator finishes signing, you press one secret button and the magic happens.
  • Only a deck. a little post-it block (or whatever you can fit the device in) and a marker, are seen by spectators while the system is operating in another place/location.


The magician’s impossible dreams, are now possible…


And the possibilities of this new system are really endless. Not only you will be able to do any classic signed effect “on steroids”, but a whole new array of effects, never before imagined, have finally the ground to be fertilized upon.

This is a golden key that will open the doors to a whole new magic world

Here are just some of the things you will be able to do with your Quantum Forger:

  • Any impossible card/coin/bill to object, where the spectator can have the object in his possession BEFORE the signed card vanishes or is destroyed. He can then open the object and find the signed card inside it by himself. No contact from the magician.
  • An ambitious card finale, where the spectator can do the full effect cycle, whilst holding the deck himself!
  • A shrinking signed card, where the poker sized card becomes a mini card and the signature also shrinks its size proportionally.
  • Any “Destroyed envelopes” routine where spectator can shuffle several envelopes (one contains their bill or card) and destroy one by one, with a totally free choice, leaving the last one intact and this will contain their signed bill/card every time. Magician never touches anything. No equivoque or forces needed. Totally free choices and they can shuffle as much as they want!
  • A drawing prediction, where two spectators can play tic-tac-toe on a blank card and the prediction match the exact result every time. Automatically.
  • Make a signed card coin or bill disappear in one place and appear in another. It can be in the same room, it can be to another adress, city or country. Yes, you can do an overseas card transposition in less than one minute!!!
  • A torn and restored signed card, where the spectator can tear the card himself, and can keep the restored one in the end, as a souvenir.

Use it for transpositions, restorations, free choices, as a convincer, drawing duplication, long distance nail-writing, for coincidences, predictions, dual (and triple) reality routines… The limit now is your creativity. And only that.

Every Quantum Forger is hand assembled in Norway, using precision machined parts, for extreme quality, reliability and durability.

Keeping your system in its top working shape is easy, and refills are easily done. There is no need to buy extra things from us, in order to have your system working.

Each system comes with a full warranty in every part (batteries excluded). No matter what version you choose.


Bring your magic to superpowers level!


The Quantum Forger system can also include the following optional add-ons. Order Quantum Forger today as an early bird and get all of them for free:

  • Add-on Multi-use: Allows you to use mini playing cards, coins (currency and value customized to your favorite coin dimensions) as well as banknotes.
  • Add-on Long Distance: Send the signature to a distant place. Worldwide.***
  • Full warranty on all parts, batteries excluded.


Get ready for a new age in magic. Welcome to Quantum Forger.



FAQ on Quantum Forger


Q: Do I need to do any writing or does this thing do the duplicate for you?
A: It does the duplicate for you using the same ink, at distance. You need to load it with an unsigned card, coin, bill, or similar.

Q: Is the duplicate 100% identical?
A: It should give a result near that. Minimal positioning differences will happen so one thing to keep in mind is that two identical cards coming from two different deck-cuts will usually have a little "off print" and this will cause the copy signature to be also off, according to the card differences. These are usually on a maximum 1 mm offset range.

Q: Does the product reset instantly and is ready to go right after a performance?
A: It resets extremely fast, you need of course to load a new card on the device after last one is finished. You can go two ways from there: Repeat last copy once more or reset for a new one (which takes 4 extra seconds).

Q: If I'm on a cruise ship, do I need a internet connection for it to use all of the features?
A: Wifi/internet connection is only needed for the extra feature of sending the signed object overseas/long distances.

Q: Can I do this strolling? can I do this as part of my one man stand up show?
A: Yes you can do it strolling depending on situation. Ideally is to use at distance, in a little suitcase or box on a table, if you can carry that around. The device that duplicates is about 13xcmx15cmx5cm.

Q: Do I need an assistant to make it work?
A: You wont need any to perform it in your shows. The system is self-contained and itself will be your secret hidden assistant. But for distances over 20 meters and longer, like sending overseas, an assistant and a phone with internet access are also needed.

Q: Is it possible to be sitting at a table , Do a card routine where a card is signed , vanish it and then make it appear on a location across the room etc., without a helper?
A: Yes. Up to 20 meters.

Q: Can I sign over the whole surface of the card? Are there any limitations?
A: In theory yes, but for practical purposes a 1mm/2mm border limit around the card edges is applied. This can be overcome, contact us for more information.

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